Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

God has blessed us with a man who is an incredible husband to me and an amazing father to our children!  He both verbalizes, and shows, his love to us on a daily basis.  What a blessing God has given us in Todd!

I am thankful to the Lord today, too, for my own father and father-in-law.  I truly could not ask for better!  They have spent huge portions of their lives sacrificing of themselves to invest in their children and grandchildren. 


Yesterday Todd took Eleanor to a Chick-fil-a Dad and daughter date "night."  She chose her dress and hairdo, they ate chocolate covered strawberries and were serenaded by a violin.  And cows dressed in tuxedos.

All three kids and I made a little book for Todd with photos of him and them together, and with a series of questions I had asked the them about their Daddy.  A wonderful range of sweet to funny!
Here's a little sampling:

Q. What do you like to do with Daddy?
A. Eleanor - I like to say "do underdogs!" on the swings at the park!
A. Will - Play plain Star Wars video games and Legos Star Wars video games and play Legos and play with Jack with him.
A. Jack - Buy him a Broncos shirt and play David and Goliath and get him a toy baseball bat.

Q. What is his favorite food?
A. Eleanor - Pepsi.
A. Will - Beef.
A. Jack - Salsa and carrots.  I heard him say "Carrots are my favorite food."
(The older two were spot on!  Jack, well, I don't where he was pulling that from!)

Q. Why do you love Daddy, or what is something that you love about him?
A. Eleanor - Because he's my Daddy!  We do lots of fun things together and he spends lots of time with me.
A. Will - He plays Star Wars video games with me!
A. Jack - Because Mommy is Daddy's buddy.

Pretty sweet.
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