Thursday, October 4, 2012

Butterfly Pavilion

Look at this, two blogposts in less than 48 hours!  Who am I and where is Noelle ?! 

Today we went on a field trip with Eleanor's cottage school class to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver.  What a wonderful time we had admiring God's creative powers as we viewed gorgeous and unique butterflies in a rainforest setting, and observed other interesting insects, touched starfish and watched sea anemones, and even held a tarantula!


Side note: I've got a handsome husband!

Will waited and waited for a butterfly to land on him, and finally he got his chance!


This is what sweet Max did most of the day.  He is SO sweet I can't get over it.

This butterfly is amazing!  It looks like an owl's face when it's wings are spread.

 The kids were pretty unsure at first about holding "Rosie," but after I told them I was going to do it (gulp), they each worked up the courage to do it! 

Will looks like he's saying, "Holding a tarantula? Piece of cake!"


This picture of Max and I has nothing to do with the Butterfly Pavilion.  I  just like it.
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