Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweet Seven

Eleanor turned seven at the end of March, and I'm just now getting around to the birthday blog post!

Eleanor is a truly sweet seven-year-old girl, one who I am so proud and thankful to call my daughter.  She is helpful, like when she offers to set the table or do housework or hold Max ("if he's too much for you, Mommy").  She most often does not complain when I say "no" to a request she has.  She is kind to her brothers and honestly loves to play with them.  Last week at the store she decided to buy Will and Jack a candy bar; she used her own money and took joy in giving them something.  She takes great care of baby Max, loves to play with him and schlep him around, and he absolutely loves her.  She enjoys playing with her dolls and still has a lot of affection for a couple of her stuffed animals.  Eleanor does very well in school and excels in reading and comprehension.  She devours chapter books.  She shows a love for Jesus and asks some very deep and thought-out spiritual questions.  Eleanor is compassionate.  On Valentines Day she made an extra special Valentine for a boy in her class who, she told me, often gets ignored by the other kids. 

What a blessing from the Lord our daughter is!

This year she finally got to celebrate with a very special birthday twin of hers - her Uncle Mike!  We had a big party for both of them with most of the extended family and a couple of friends as well.

One of my favorite moments at the party was when she opened the American Girl doll we bought her (huge splurge, I know!).  She looked shocked and like she might cry, and said, "I really really wanted this but I didn't think I would really get it!"  She was in awe.  It was just really precious to me.


I made Eleanor and Abby matching pillowcase dresses.

The big birthday weekend was also Easter weekend.  What a blessing to have so much of our family here to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ!  Eleanor especially enjoyed her time with sweet cousin Nora.  There were tears when she left!

 Bow ties from Aunt DiDi - aren't they super cute?!

 Meredith side

 Faris side

 The Papas!

 Max and Ethan are less than two months apart - fun!

I included this photo of Max and Todd just because I love it!

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Meredith family said...

Such a great party! And, yes, such a sweet birthday girl! Wonderful pictures to capture a special time.