Thursday, August 9, 2007

Five Blessed Years

On August 3rd Todd and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! We went to McDonald's with Eleanor. Really, we did! We laughed at how our anniversarys have gone from being commemmoratd Disneyland or Paris style to Big Mac and Chicken Nugget glory! :D Well, we were on the road and are planning to do something a little more special in September.

On a more serious note, I am overwhelmingly thankful for the husband God has given me in Todd and for all that He has brought our way over the past five years. There is no other person I would rather spend my life with! Todd is a wise leader, never failing to show his love and affection for me, and lives with me in an understanding way (even when he doesn't "get" why I "need" 8 different purses...) He is an example to me in his love for Christ and his love for the church. He is fun and funny, and an awesome Daddy and partner in parenting. In the variety of circumstances God has sovereignly brought to us over the past five years, He has given us each other to share the incredible joys and the sorrows too, and I give all the praise to Him! I love my husband!

This picture was taken on our recent trip in OR...St. Bernard's Bed and Breakfast, where we spent part of our honeymoon.


Mayzaboo said...

What a cute B&B! Mike and I should do that sometime. We skipped over all the "big stuff" for commemorating Anniversaries. Last year we were home with a new 10 day old baby, and this year (our 2nd anniversary) we will probably be mimicking your plans with a burger and fries. :) Congrats on 5 years! I didn't realize that you anniversary is Jordan's b-day! :)

Matto and Kafrum said...

Congratulations! Our 5th is in December!
Matt and Katherine

Garden Girl said...

Yea! Five years! Congratulations.

I remember our & Todd watched Luke for us - see - I KNEW you'd be good parents! :D