Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sick as a Dog, but Here are Pictures Anyway

Where does that dog expression come from, anyway?? I feel much worse than our canine friend Luther has ever appeared to feel! Other than Todd, who possesses super-human powers of immunity, we have spent most of the past 10 days sick. Sick with all different crud, sick with who-knows-what. Maybe more on that later. But here are the pictures. One a little smudgy and the other just not that great of a photo, but both a little symbolic.

Eleanor on the big kid swings. Since a little before Will was born, and we wanted to prepare her for being the BIG sister of the family, we have asked her if she is a baby or a kid. She always has said "baby-kid", which I think has been pretty on the mark! But just this week Todd asked her that question and got a different answer: "Kid!" And she is. Sleeps in a bed, not a crib. Wears underwear, not diapers. Rides the big swings at the park! She is having a lot of fun being "big."

And sweet William. Already developing quite an attraction to the forbidden, the off-limits, or just the things that are not his! I set him in front of the window a few days ago with one of his toys, and moments later, this is what I found! He had strewn Eleanor's coloring supplies all over and was chewing on a purple crayon. He wants the telephone, the remote, my filthy shoes, the food on everyone else's plate! He often cries when he is denied these desired objects, sounding so sad and hurt! He is my sweet, funny little boy.


vitinho & mamãe said...

your baby's are so pritty!!
i don't no write in english :/
but i hop you understand!!

in portiguêse:
Seus filhos são lindos!



Elizabeth said...

one of tulip's favorite snacks are crayons. ;-)

Mayzaboo said...

So cute! Sounds like the potty training is going well in your neck of the woods! Keep up the good work, mom! :) It's crazy how quickly they go from "baby girl" to little girl! I can't believe how much my little one can actually help me now!

mindy said...

Good thing crayons are non-toxic! Danny loves to eat them more than to color with them, too!! :) Hope you all feel better soon!