Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Snapshots

Just some snapshots from our lives the last month or two...

My mom's sister and family, the Vinatieri's, came for an evening of fun (the V's are ALWAYS fun!) on their way home to PA. We love them so much and were blessed by their presence in our home!

Eleanor's friend Payton came over for some playtime, dinner, and bedtime while his daddy and mommy went on a double date. He was so much fun to have - totally behaved - and Todd and I got a kick out of some of the differences between boy and girls! While Eleanor tries to climb the stairs without getting her hands dirty, Payton runs for the trash can saying, "trash!" Eleanor and Payton both do some great animal sounds...but I have to say, he has her beat on the ferociousness of a bear!

I had the privilege of helping lead a kid's choir at our church again this summer. This was our concert in the middle of August. It is such a joy to be able to teach kids not only about music, but about worship and about the character of our God! For every song we learned, we had someone come and do a little time of teaching on it during our rehearsals, do the children could understand - and mean - the words they were singing. They blessed my heart!

Yep, she's pretty cute! This is one of the RARE moments Eleanor has recently slept in the car! She likes to do her sleeping lying down in a crib, let me tell you!

We had Eleanor dedicated at church the first Sunday of this month, along with her little friends Abigail and Felicity. I suppose it is more a dedication/commitment of parents, to raise our precious children in the discipline and instruction in the Lord, as Scripture says. I pray daily for Eleanor, that she will know Christ as her Lord and Savior early in her life, and for Todd and I, that we would be wise and gracious parents, doing all that we can do as humans to prepare our children to stand before the judgement seat of Christ. Whew, now that is an amazing responsibility!

Eleanor and Luther have always gotten along fine, but over the last few weeks are definitely developing more of a relationship! It is pretty sweet.

Well, that's all for now, folks. More to come!

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Mayzaboo said...

What cute pictures! That family picture is just darling!! Every time I see pics of you guys it makes me want to see you more!! Maybe someday!