Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Color White

I just had to share this. Eleanor knows all the basic colors, and can say several of them. For some that she doesn't say, she speaks in code. Here's a sampling of her color talk:

"Guh" (green)
"Puh-Puh" (purple)
"Mimi" (ORANGE. Bet you wouldn't have guessed. This code word is because she recently found out that Mimi Gayle's favorite color is orange.)
"Banana" (yep, code for YELLOW)
...and our personal favorite:

"Not Pink" (code for WHITE.)


Richard said...
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Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

the comment that was deleted above was me... I didn't realize that my sweet hubby was signed in and didn't want to comment on his username. :-)

anyway...wahat I was planning on saying was...

how adorable! not-pink, i'll have to remember that.