Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Papa and Mimi Faris

I'm a little behind on blogging. But I assure you, I have NOT just been sitting around picking my toenails and eating chocolate! I can't believe that a third of the year is almost gone.

Well, after the birthday festivities my in-laws got to stay around a little longer! We had a wonderful time - here are a few photos.

Thumbs up, Uncle Donut Man!

Green Eggs and Ham, with Papa. This really is an excellent book on trying new foods!

Eleanor would go to the park several times a day if she could!

Uncle Scott gave Will (and me) the neatest antique toy car ever!


The princess and Daddy.

Will is quite the wrestler. Small but mighty.

Will and Papa.

Typical mealtime!

Will and Mimi.

Such a big boy! William has no problem sitting up all by himself!

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Garden Girl said...

And I thought I had beautiful kids! Will is SO handsome and look as smart as whips too! God bless you guys!