Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Will-Will, Hug!"

This is something Eleanor is saying frequently now. She and Will have always seemed to enjoy one another. But a week ago they moved to a different level of interacting! Before now, Eleanor would show William something, but he wouldn't see it. She wanted to hold him, but didn't look much at him. Will would grin at his sister, or laugh at her, but she never saw him do it. Then, last week the three of us were sitting on the big red chair in Will's room, reading. Eleanor made a noise that Will thought was hysterical! I told Eleanor that that sound made William laugh, and to do it again. So she looked at him and did it again, and again, and again, getting great results every time! They sustained eye contact with one another, something new! Will grabbed her hand and tried to eat it (she loved it). She rubbed his fuzzy little head. She grabbed his cheeks and gave him a kiss on the mouth. He slobbered all over her nose. It was one of my favorite times I have had with the two of them!