Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Spring is here!

Monday and Tuesday we had 70 and 80 degree weather. Today it is snowing.

To celebrate the arrival of warm temps, on Monday we had a picnic at the park, then Todd and Eleanor washed the cars ("gave the cars a bath"), then we all four ran down the street and caught the ice cream truck and bought Eleanor her first treat from said truck. Triple whammy day! By the way, I do NOT recommend cotton candy popsicles, although Eleanor would disagree. After all, they are PINK.

William is 6 months old, so happy, so fun, so sweet. He is also ready to MOVE! I joke that sometimes I think that if I set him down, he would start running! He loves to bounce and jump. Sitting on my lap, he likes to try to rock himself right off. He makes me laugh!

I love this stage of life. It is so sweet.

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