Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 29

Eleanor's 2nd birthday was yesterday! I am amazed that my sweet girl is two, and that I have been a mommy for two years! The continuously changing face of baby-and-toddler-hood is a precious thing. The past two years have brought daily growth and development and JOY. Eleanor is a sweet, funny girl who brings richness to our lives. My life consists largely of being at home with she and William, but I never view it as mundane!

Eleanor knew her birthday was coming and has been anticipating it eagerly...talking often of the Papa's and Mimi's who would be coming, the friends that would be at the party, the PINK cake, PINK balloons, and PINK flowers she knew would be here on her special day! She has also been practicing "2" with her fingers and counting pairs of things everywhere! Showing me TWO cheerios on her plate, TWO shoes on her feet, TWO kids at the park, TWO stairs left to climb...Yesterday morning Todd and Will and I crept into her room and sung "Happy Birthday." She knew the day had arrived, a big grin on her face and two fingers in the air!

My life changed so drastically two years ago...thank you, God, for my sweet Eleanor!!! I cannot imagine life without her.

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Mayzaboo said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Looks like the party was great fun. So fun to celebrate with family. I can't believe that Jordan will also be 2 in August! Seems like she was just born!