Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Photos

The party was fantastic. We had Todd's parents, mine as well, Uncle Scott, and even my grandparents! I have to confess, our party continued long after the kids were in bed, with bowling and tennis on my mother-in-law's Wii! (My grandparents are AMAZING. They re-lived their bowling league days and gave us all a run for our money! Party animals!) We also had friends Abigail and Felicity and their families, Yia-Yia, and Miss Amy. The pink princess had a ball! Since "a picture's worth a thousand words," here are some photos.

By the way, 2 has already brought some new things...3 new words and walking down the stairs without any help!


Felipe & Chantelle said...

Happy Birthday to you, Eleanor!! You are such a sweet and vibrant little girl.
Enjoy you're 2' still don't have many responsibilities and you can still eat with your fingers if you want to! ;)
Elias sends birthday hugs to you, too!

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

you've been tagged...check out my latest blog... *elizabeth

Scott said...

Surprise surprise I had so much fun with you guys. Eleanor, hope you remember my favorite color is bloo. Happy Birthday E2. Will you take me to the Boonaanaa Store sometime? (thumbs up 'guh'!) -UncleDonut